What is Software Eureka?

Software Eureka is a website I created to display my development abilities and portfolio. The website was started in late 2014; later in 2015 I officially became a sole trader serving local and international clients.

What kind of Software Developer are you?

I'm a pretty well rounded developer but my focus is on the Application layer. That is Windows, Linux and Android development.

The Skills involved are specifications design, product development, implementation, UI/UX, testing, updating and finally documentation. So pretty much from start to finish within the Software Development Life Cycle.

Can I view your Resume?

Of course, click here to view the PDF.

Anything else?

Yeah, I write a Tips and Tricks series based on design concepts and best practices that I learned and experienced so far in Software Development.

If anyone is interested, please check it out.

Latest project: Couch Cast

My latest project is an Android Client and Windows Media Server called Couch Cast.

Which allows for enhanced media control, effectively turning your Android Device into a remote control.


Check out the store or social media.